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Established in 2020 by Ruan Smit & Natasha Gouws. We have been in the building and fabrication industry for almost a decade. We specialize in:
  • Modular, Container and Timber Frame Construction
  • Interior and Exterior Designing,
  • Maintenance, and
  • Fabrication & Mould making,
     (especially for the film industry)

We cater for the South African market.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and understanding the clients’ requirements.


Modular Building


We build and deliver beautiful timber frame structures.  The beauty of the design is that it can be positioned on its own, or end to end with another pod. Thus you have the freedom to build in phases, or according to your immediate needs or budget.


Timber frame construction combines traditional building techniques with modern architecture. The bracing of the structure is carried out by pre-manufactured walls, floor, and roof panels build in-house and assembled on site.  The cavities in the panels are filled with insolation, which results in good heat controlling and contributes to the high energy efficiency of the building. Your house would generally be cooler in the summer and pleasantly warmer in the winter. The structure is built with ventilation spacing to provide constant airflow throughout the structure.


Timber panels allow for all types of interior or exterior wall coverings. Whatever cladding you prefer, the structure in timber will always give you a natural room feeling, healthy eco-friendly living space, and atmosphere.


All buildings that we supply are designed and built to fully comply with, and relevant to the South African Building Regulations.




Mould making is part of our work at Moduly. Mould making is used for replicating a product. We use suitable materials like: Silicon Rubber, Two-part Polyurethane, Resin, Fibreglass, Material One, Onyx, F160, Polignite, DeuroChem, Into Cast, and Cement.


We are therefore able to offer these services to artists and the film industry who does not have the time to produce it themselves. We are able to select the most suitable mould making material for the job and advise clients accordingly. The appropriate moulding materials will be used, according to the quantity of production required by the clients, which of course affects the costs.


Mould making can be an expensive exercise, but with multiple productions of items from the moulds, the cost is reduced considerably.


Container Homes


For years, containers have primarily been associated with freight and cargo because that was their purpose. Currently, these units are taken to a new level as they provide alternative means for affordable housing. The popularity of container homes is growing at a rapid rate.


Container home is what the name literally suggests; homes made from shipping containers whose original purpose was to move cargo. These houses are trendy, and this may be one of the reasons why they are receiving a lot of attention. Also, many prospective homeowners are working on getting somewhere they can call home for the least possible cost.


Therefore, trendiness aside, building container houses may be an expression of their interest in saving cash with modular homes in the shape of containers. Even though Shipping Container Homes has been around for a number of years, it has only been in the last couple of years that the building technique has become an alternative option. Through innovative insulation techniques, custom building materials, and expertise built up over the years, the container home is now an affordable, sustainable way of building your dream house.


Like all things in life, architecture continues to evolve. And even though there’s something to be said for traditional building methods, you simply cannot deny the trends of home-building, especially not when they’re as unique as taking old, used shipping containers and turning them into custom made houses!


South Africa, luckily, doesn’t hold back in terms of building container homes. Even though this method of housing hasn’t taken off the way it has overseas, more locals are realizing the potential of what can be achieved with an old shipping container (or two, or three… ).


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